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Perl Debugged
Perl Debugged provides the expertise and solutions developers require for coding better, faster, and more reliably in Perl. Focusing on debugging, the most vexing aspect of programming in Perl, this example-rich reference and how-to guide minimizes development, troubleshooting, and maintenance time resulting in the creation of elegant and error-free Perl code.

Who is this book for?

Designed for the novice to intermediate software developer, Perl Debugged will save the programmer time and frustration in debugging Perl programs. Based on the authors' extensive experience with the language, this book guides developers through the entire programming process, tackling the benefits, plights, and pitfalls of Perl programming. Beginning with a guided tour of the Perl documentation, the book progresses to debugging, testing, and performance issues, and also devotes a chapter to CGI programming in Perl. Throughout the book, the authors espouse defensible paradigms for improving the accuracy and performance of Perl code. In addition, Perl Debugged includes Scott and Wright's "Perls of Wisdom" which summarize key ideas from each of the chapters, and an appendix containing a comprehensive listing of Perl debugger commands.

In this exceptional reference and debugging guide, the authors cover every aspect of efficient Perl programming, including:

  • CGI programming - special tips for debugging this type of Perl program
  • How to develop the proper mindset for developing and programming effectively in Perl
  • Perl "gotchas" - how to understand them, work around them, and avoid them
  • "Antibugging" - the authors' rules of thumb on how to code defensively
  • The Perl debugger - the authors' guide to using this Perl built-in
  • Common syntax errors and how to track down their causes
  • Semantical errors - why code may appear correct but the programs do not work
  • How to improve the performance of resource-hungry programs
  • Tips and advice for programmers moving to Perl from other language environments

Focusing on the process of Perl programming and guidelines for identifying and correcting mistakes, Perl Debugged helps the developer to write better Perl programs immediately and become better programmers in general.

Most Perl programmers struggle with debugging, learning the hard way -- and wasting time, money, and energy. In Debugging Perl, two leading Perl developers offer practical techniques that can help you debug Perl code faster and with less frustration, avoid problems in the first place, and optimize every Perl program you write.

KEY TOPICS: The authors start by introducing the right mindset for Perl development and debugging: attitudes, beliefs, and behavior that lead to successful code. Next, you'll discover how to avoid problems by "coding defensively" and reducing the complexity of your code. Debugging Perl identifies problems that occur repeatedly in Perl code, showing exactly how to identify and avoid syntax errors, run-time exceptions, semantical errors, resource failures, and the unique problems associated with Perl CGI code. You'll walk through tracing code, and every stage of a rigorous testing process: inspection, unit testing, regression testing, saturation testing, and acceptance testing. The book includes thorough coverage of the Perl debugger, as well as a detailed Appendix presenting debugger commands.

MARKET: For every Perl programmer: new and intermediate-level Perl programmers seeking to save time and money, and advanced Perl programmers seeking to fine-tune their code and mentor others.

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